City Releases Housing Numbers for Mayor Caldwell's Second Term

HONOLOLO, Dec 18, 2020:: According to the Office of Housing report released Thursday, the total homeless population has decreased ten percent in Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell's second term. The report also highlights a 48 percent reduction in family homelessness and 24 percent fewer homeless veterans from 2015-2020. Office of Housing Executive Director Marc Alexander tells KITV4 this is in large part due to the construction of Kahauiki Village, which now houses more than five hundred formerly homeless people.

"Using an asset in this case the land the state had and using the skills of the city around infrastructure combining those great assets together," said Alexander of the public-private partnership. The report also states that the unsheltered homeless population increased by 21 percent, more than 400 people, during Mayor Caldwell's second term. "We need to fully implement all of our affordable housing incentives, regulations and requirements, address empty homes," explained Alexander.

Alexander said the biggest obstacle for decreasing the number of people without homes is affordable housing. "People want solutions but they don’t want it in their backyard," said Alexander. "We know what works, we know housing first works, ninety two percent success rate after five years, we know producing affordable housing like Kahauiki Village and the city's acquisitions and construction works but we have to scale it," he explained.

Alexander told KITV4 there have been serious discussions of using Aloha Stadium land to build affordable housing. "That's one of the things under consideration in the plans for Aloha Stadium is to include affordable housing in that area I think of course it makes sense," said Alexander.