De John’s Deputy, Returns to Malong to Protest Financial Dealings             with Kiir’s Gov’t

JUBA, Dec 20, 2020:: The deputy of Emmanuel Sunday de John, former Malong spokesman who left South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A) in September, General Kawai Babuoth, has issued a statement declaring his return to General Paul Malong Awan, saying the former spokesman of General Paul Malong Awan is having illegal financial dealing with President Salva Kiir’s government in Juba.

In September, Sunday along with Kawai defected from Malong to protest what they said was dictatorship and dealings with President Kiir’s security agencies which they had said put the future of the SSUF/A at risk a mid peace talks in Rome. “I, Gen. Kawai Babuoth Ruot, hereby wish to inform the general public that after some soul searching and unearthing some facts that I was not privy to earlier, wish, and hereby do, return to the mainstream SSUF/A which is under the able leadership and command of General Paul Malong Awan,” Kawai said in a statement extended to Sudans Post.

“What I have found out is that Gen. Paul Malong is in fact the de facto leader and commander-In-Chief of SSUF/A, and anyone else purporting to be the leader of the movement is just a wannabe who should not be taken seriously. In this I am referring to Mr. Sunday De John. “The truth of the matter is that the movement is as strong, united and intact as ever, and the purported takeover of the same by this individual should be treated with the contempt it deserves. In fact, what I came to learn is that it is only Mr. Sunday who is actively involved in his futile ambitions, with very few (if any) followers.

“From my own investigations, and my several encounters with Mr. Sunday, I have actually come to agree with what I was initially hesitant to agree with that indeed he is a mole, who is getting financial support from the Juba government, in exchange of information gathering from SSUF/A. “This, in my view, is betrayal and it would be against my conscience to want to knowingly associate politically with him. I have set my record clear, and henceforth, let no one associate me with Mr. Sunday.”