Algerian Minister Criticized for Couscous Jibe

ALGIERS, Dec 19, 2020:: Algeria's minister of culture has been criticised on social media after she suggested that all women should have the skills to prepare couscous, a traditional dish in country and a staple in the Maghreb region. "Women who are unable to prepare couscous are a threat to our families," Malika Bendouda said at an event celebrating UNESCO 's decision to list the traditional dish as a heritage of humanity.

Alegria, Tunisia, Morocco and Mauritania had presented a joint bid for the dish to be listed. One angry internet user said Ms Bendouda's comments were "shameful" and "unacceptable." Another female user responded: "I admit here I am not able to prepare couscous. Is that so serious", and questioned the skills of the minister herself in preparing the famous dish.